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Welcome to NZ Embroidery.

We are your one-stop shop for contract embroidery. Since 2008, NZ Embroidery has been decorating apparel for the advertising specialty and uniform industries. NZ Embroidery only works on a contract or wholesale basis and is not available for retail embroidering. NZ Embroidery is committed to giving our wholesale customers the highest quality embroidered apparel, at the most competitive prices with the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We only work with resellers, promotional products distributors, graphic designers. You supply the apparel, and we provide the embroidery.
To speak to someone at NZ Embroidery by phone, please dial:314-631-4550 or Email us at

Since we are a contractor we do not have many samples up on our page, to see more of our work Please send us an Email at to get access to a Sample Page

Why Choose Us

  • We have some of the Fastest Turn around times in St. Louis 2-5 Days, 1000+ pieces 5-7 Days
  • Our machines are all Late model (no 20 year old machines here) and kept up on regular maintenance schedule.
  • With Us being a Small business,We can guarentee you will have the best customer service around.
  • No matter if you have 10 pieces a month or a thousand per week, We have an AMAZING price for you that wont break the bank.